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Linkor Taxi

Linkor Taxi

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Linkor taxi in Kiev
With the modern rhythm of life, punctuality is an inalienable quality of every citizen of Kiev. Therefore, ordering a taxi is the right option to get to even a remote area of ​​the capital quickly and with comfort.
Trust professionals - choose Battleship Taxi
In view of the enormous popularity of the service, several hundred companies are engaged in the passenger transport sector in the metropolitan region. Choose the best - Battleship Taxi, and your trip will pass quickly, safely and comfortably, and the purse will not be thinner!
Simplicity and convenience when ordering
The Linkor taxi takes care of every passenger, so for the order there are several ways available at any time of the day - choose the most convenient.
Call the short number 537 - the cost of the call is absolutely free. Inform the operator of the taxi service address and the place of arrival, find out the cost, and expect a text message with the machine data.
Download the online form on the website of the company Lincor Taxi, and make a trip to it. A couple of clicks - and the order is made!
Fastest taxi delivery
Linkor taxi responsibly refers to the time of the customer. Upon receipt of the application, the dispatcher quickly processes it and immediately sends the nearest car to the client, and the driver, without losing time for nothing, goes to the call.
Up to a thousand vehicles in the taxis are not the limit, the composition is constantly expanding, so 100 percent of orders are executed on time. We conditionally divided Kiev into sectors, and in each of them a certain number of cars are constantly on duty: we organize a trip even to a remote region in just 5 minutes!
Exemplary service
The company Lincor Taxi employs bona fide employees who respect passengers and work. The dispatcher will be happy to answer all questions about the trip and will suggest the best option, and a professional driver, who knows Kiev and surroundings perfectly, will deliver for the shortest period of time.
Available rates
We daily optimize the work and do not overestimate the prices artificially, which allowed us to achieve optimally low tariffs, and the quality only won: call the Linkor taxi and see for yourself!
Comfort and safety of the trip
Linkor taxi offers customers foreign cars from the comfort class and above. Transport systematically undergoes inspection, which allows to guarantee a high level of safety.
Additional services
We will perform any service related to transportation:
Driver help;
Express delivery;
Hourly taxi fee;
Call of the versatile person, minivan, minibus;
Transportation of animals, and the list does not end here!
Call the Battleship Taxi, and a comfortable, fast and inexpensive trip is guaranteed to you!

Updated information about taxi: 27.07.2017

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