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We recommend:

239 - mobile call free
(044) 360-9-370 - (callback)
"537" callback
(093) 279-75-55
3933 (callback)
(067) 223-39-33


597 - free
(044) 503-02-02
(044) 587-9-587
(044) 332-8-444

Booking Taxi: 30 UAH minimum fare (5 km).
Payment: cash and non-cash (by wire transfer fees are not changed).
Rate City: 2.8 UAH / 1 km.
Tariff for the city: 3 UAH / 1 km (from CP).
Plain: 60 kop. / 1 min.
Pre-order: free and runs on 100%
Other services:

- Courier: send flowers, gifts, documents. We work quickly and accurately, be liable for its obligations;
- Autopark: universal;
- Working week: orders a passenger car at a time all week, and no longer need to call back every day to make the order. You can order both to work in the morning and from work at night;
- Shipping: our driver can perform the delivery of food, medicine, etc.;
- Auto nurse:, our driver will take your child to school, kindergarten and will be able to take him back;
- Driver: if you have the force of circumstances can not get behind the wheel, our driver will take you to your car, where you say;
- Maintenance of celebrations (weddings, corporate parties).
- We have a business-class cars and vans.


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