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We recommend:

239 - mobile call free
(044) 360-9-370 - (callback)
(044) 590-59-59
(067) 590-59-59
3933 (callback)
(067) 223-39-33


(044) 597-01-01

Taxi order: minimum tariff of 30 UAH (4 km).
The tariff of the city: 3.50 UAH / 1 km.
The fee for the city: 5 UAH / 1 km.
Simple: 0.70 UAH / 1 min.
Hourly rate: 70 UAH / 1 hr. (12 km).
Other services:
- Courier + 10 UAH to the tariff.

The high status of the capital pose serious challenges to the taxi, and high quality taxi service in Kiev, certainly, should meet them. Timely submission of the car, the speed and reliability of travel comfort cars, the appearance of the driver and of course the price - all this in the most rigorous way value every customer.
To date, we have tried our passengers to create a new taxi service "UKROP". It will be a national service, where the dispatcher will take your orders only in Ukrainian. You will be satisfied with our service, price and of course the appearance of the driver.
Our Taxi "UKROP" only works for you!
Updated information about taxi: 19.02.2015


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