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(093) 279-75-55
3933 (callback)
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Simka taxi

(044) 501-07-07
(067) 239-07-07
(050) 501-07-07
(093) 239-07-07
(068) 433-19-19

Minimum taxi to the amount of: 25 UAH (4 km.).
Cost the city: 3,30 UAH / 1 km.
Out of Town: 5 UAH / 1 km.
Plain: 80 kop. / 1 min.
Hourly pay: 85 UAH / 1 hour (12 km.).
Payment: cash and cashless.
Other services:
- Pre-order + 10 UAH to the tariff;
- Courier + 10 UAH to the tariff;
- Freight transport;
- Driver;
- Tow.

Simca taxi company keeps leading position in the market carriers Kiev and the Kiev region. Our experience in the best companies, taxi Simca to prioritize quality and civilized customer service, not only in Kiev but also in the regions. And it certainly makes the possibility of broader and attracts customers to the constant cooperation. For the convenience of our passengers, Simca took a taxi taxi in Kiev is very simple and convenient.

Sim Taxi allows you to make your trip economical, convenient, fast and safe. Any event in your life, whether it's meeting your dear people at the Boryspil airport, meeting and departure of foreign delegations, wedding, sightseeing activities will serve our taxi at the highest level, at a price that will surprise and delight, as Simca inexpensive taxi cab in Kiev.

No matter how often you have to use a taxi in Kiev, whether every day or only a few times per month, Taxi Simca you can always pick out the best option for your trip, and use the "driver" or order taksi- minibus . Taxi will arrive on time and take you to your destination.
If you are a regular customer Simca taxi, we are always happy to offer you a quality service at an affordable price.
Updated information about taxi: 20.02.2015

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