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(044) 590-59-59
(067) 590-59-59
239 - mobile call free
(044) 360-9-370 - (callback)
"537" callback
(093) 279-75-55

Sfera Kyiv

Taxi Service Scope: Travel around the city Kyiv beyond the near abroad. Courier and delivery. Send flowers from shops, restaurants, bistros, pharmacies. Cars of different classes from standard to premium business class. Minivans vans, trucks services. Meetings, business meetings, support airport, railway stations, online ordering services. Booking a car for every day of the time of day is free, on any trip to any car class, our company offers a discount of up to 20%. When ordering online you automatically become the owner of 20% discount on all our services. Service driver, tech-support, the service child seat, transportation of animals, the car terminal. We work around the clock. Many services for your comfortable travel, our company provides for free. We work around the clock seven days a week.
Updated information about taxi: 09.06.2016

Sfera Kyiv - taxi Sfera Kyiv

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