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We recommend:

(044) 590-59-59
(067) 590-59-59
"537" callback
(093) 279-75-55
239 - mobile call free
(044) 360-9-370 - (callback)


Online taxi booking:

Annex OnTaxi for vasheho smartphone pozvolyt you bystro and Convenient Online orders a taxi.

Features applications:
Order on taxes + Several addresses
+ Otobrazhenie vodytelya on the map, in order kotoryya edet Or zhdet Passenger. Very Convenient and allows us avoided voprosov "Well, where also taxes?". But only in rabotaet Volume sluchae, If a taxi there GPS- sensor (Approximately 50% of vehicles)
+ The cost can add for "chaevыe." This is important in vodyteley Set When many zakazov ( "peak-time" plohaya weather, Holiday and t. F.)
+ Vodyteley comments and additions kommentaryev for osuschestvlennoy poezdke.
+ Order cars with razlychnыmy dopolnytelnыmy services - "trezvыy vodytel" (car delivery client for the purpose of revenge), conditioner, trunk and Blank "tuda and Back."
+ Address Determination by GPS, otkuda osushchestvljaetsja poezdka. When no more convenient locations znaesh cafe, for example. But in comments for the better for the ego Title decree, taxes Otherwise Can pryehat further Opportunity Pesce prohulky from cafe :)
+ Momentalnыy proschet The cost proezda.
+ Ability zakazыvat car itself on class - эkonom, comfort and business.
+ Order can be osuschestvyt on and on vыbrannoe NOW TIME, and As in any service.
+ Storage zakazov history will repeat order with vozmozhnostyu Liboje In detail Back taxes in direction.

Servis info:
Updated information about taxi: 20.09.2016

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