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Irbis Taxi

(044) 539-00-44
(093) 539-00-44
(099) 539-00-44
(067) 214-44-66

Order a taxi: minimum tariff 28 UAH (4 km).
Tariff on a city: tariff net
Tariff in country: 4.5 UAH / 1 km.
Outage: 50 kop. / 1 min.
Form of payment: cash
Hourly pay: 80 UAH / h. (up to 10km.)
Other services:
- Order a taxi round-the-clock;
- Corporate taxi in Kiev;
- Orderimg a taxi on the station, air-port;
- Busses, minivens;
- Freight taxi in Kiev;
- Moto taxi;
- Courier's services;
- Ordering a taxi with child's arm-chair;
- Maintenance of triumphs, weddings and business of meetings;
- Grant a vip-taxi and auto of business-class.

Unbelievable? You will make sure!
- Causing "Irbis Taxi" by phone, you will not hear a phrase «Unfortunately, there are not free taxis» – in our autopark more than 10 000 machines of taxi.
- Our taxi-cars are comfortable cars!
- We do not require an additional charge for the included conditioner in summer, and in winter for a heat in a salon!
- Our tariffs do not change depending on a weather and holidays!
- Our professional controllers and the drivers of taxi work for you round-the-clock;
- To Order a machine in a taxi it is now possible even in the mode on-line;
- We extend the list of the services constantly!
- Now we inform you about the presence of machine by a sms report.


To every client, since the second journey, we give a discount in 10% for every next journey!
Updated information about taxi: 06.04.2015

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