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Galant Taxi

(044) 353-02-15
(044) 353-02-17

Booking Taxi: 25 UAH minimum fare. (5 km).
Payment: cash and cashless.
Rate City: 2 UAH / 1 km.
Tariff for the city: 3 UAH / 1 km.
Hourly pay: 50 UAH / 1 hour.
Plain: 50 kop. / 1 min.
Other services:
"Galant taxi" - is a reliable carrier, which quickly takes you and your luggage in Kyiv and Ukraine.
Booking Taxi in Kyiv, passenger or freight, as well as challenge the luxury car made ​​by a multi-channel numbers around the clock taxi in Kyiv. We are always glad to see you!

Updated information about taxi: 25.08.2011

Galant Taxi - taxi Galant Taxi

Термінал D, Київська обл., г. Борисполь