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We recommend:

(044) 590-59-59
(067) 590-59-59
239 - mobile call free
(044) 360-9-370 - (callback)
3933 (callback)
(067) 223-39-33


(044) 592-22-01
(095) 427-20-02
(093) 569-20-02
(068) 598-20-02

taxi Order: minimum tariff of 30 UAH (3 km.)
The tariff for the city: + 5 UAH / 1 km.

We are ready to provide the highest quality services at reasonable prices.
You do not need to go on the road, stop the car with an unknown driver, simply contact our operator and make an order.

Our company offers you the full range of transport services:
- Meeting and seeing a taxi
- The service "sober driver"
- Passenger Transportation
- Urgent supply of cars
- Emergency supply the rest of the vehicle
- Information on the phone
- Service of wedding celebrations
- Service vehicles, which do not have "checkered" and other symbols of taxi
- Professional drivers Service, perfectly knowing the city, and prepared 24 hours a day and the shortest way to quickly bring customers the necessary address.
- Fast car supply.

Order a taxi anywhere in the city and suburbs of Kiev!


Updated information about taxi: 28.04.2016

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