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How to ride a taxi

So, you have to go, quickly go ... You have no rights, no car, but still need to go.The solution? - Taxi! To put it mildly, somewhat expensive solution for most types of travel. Frankly, I've never ridden in a taxi and do not regret the money spent, so I'll show you how to protect their money.

The best way to save money on a taxi - it does not use it. Do not use a taxi in case if you do not hurry, do not use a taxi if you can do without it. All sorts of excuses to ride the bus is inconvenient, not accepted the excuse that you can not wait, too.People who ride in a taxi, can not afford a car, so the money issue is quite evident in the discussion, whether it is convenient to travel by bus.

When you finally coincides with its head and give up the habit to take a taxi when you can get a bus, you must learn to save money on those trips, when you give them can not.

Imagine if you land in Borispol at two o'clock, three o'clock in the morning you leave with your luggage from the terminal and runs to meet you, man, "Captain, let us drove, where do you want?" The best answer, if you have not read this article would be: "Thank you, yet do not have to." Let's look at what you do have options.

Option number one: take the offer immediately and is already in the car to find that the cost of travel will be in the district of 200-250 hryvnia.
Option number two: go to bargain with those who should not be a terminal, and waits for clients on the street.
Option number three: Do not take a taxi at all (yeah, I'm back on this). How to get to the city in which case I'll tell you later.

The first option is the most expensive, but you are guaranteed to reach the city.The second option is better, I think, 20 hryvnia will be able to bargain, which is a good start. You should understand that return to the terminal, take the first available taxi driver, and leave you forever.

Well, I lured you to stop the transport at Boryspil? You always have time to haggle, but for now do not go to the taxi drivers, and strain his sight. Each machine on the roof is checkered, which was written a telephone number. I hope you have a corporate phone? If so, then simply call the phone numbers of the taxi, whose cars are parked. As you know, if you catch a taxi driver, it will carry you on their price, if the taxi driver to catch the manager, the taxi driver will have to go for the price of the company. The difference, if you are coming from Boryspil to Kyiv for the price of a taxi driver and the price ranges from 50 to 80 hryvnia. Where you have five or ten minutes will earn fifty?

The next trick is that you know in advance what price to travel to your destination, and you clearly believe. 're going to take a taxi, because do not know about the option number 3. So you get out of the terminal, ran out to meet the taxi driver:
- Commander, sit down, I'll take the city.
- How much?
- 250!
- A lot, I'm a local, here I rode the 120. Ready to leave here, but at the same price.

Now a taxi driver in his head thoughtfully. Or he puts it in his pocket 120, but it is going, or he is waiting for another passenger, and a terminal cost competitors, but not the fact that the passenger would sit it in his car. Fixed in the head with a taxi driver the fact that the passenger seat, gives an understanding that there are passenger versions of number 2 and number 3. I always crank this trick. No one has ever refused me because I moved through the crowd of taxi drivers directly to the output.

Taxi drivers are good psychologists, philosophers, and also think very quickly, when it comes to money, ie immediately agreed to my terms, seeing that I ignore the offer of 250 and 200. The main thing - to know the real cost of travel and act decisively, to say that you drove to Boryspil for 70 hryvnia at the cost of travel to 120 - a bad decision. Immediately tell right price, and five minutes later you're going to sit in the car.

When you have learned the basics, apply the method number 3 go to the park and are looking for:
a. shuttle in the busy traffic intersections places (train stations, airports), you can expect more than ordinary taxis and shuttles. Just find out where they stop.
b. fellow travelers, passengers, for whom relatives came by car and the car still has a place.

In both cases, the price of travel to the city falls to 30 hryvnia, however, you dovezut either to the central station or to the nearest metro station, but it will save you 30-60 hryvnia.

The first rule of travel in a taxi on its consideration of the first case:
- Do not settle for the first sentence;
- Know the price of travel;
- Call a taxi through the company;
- Know alternatives in the form of minibuses;
- Bargain.

Now imagine another situation. You go to the meeting, which was the capital.Around a lot of taxi drivers, you need to go quickly, within three or four subway stops from 60 hryvnia you require.

Techniques are the same. You have to know how much travel and trade. If that fails, just call us on the checkered. But in this situation there are two methods that can be applied at planting in a taxi in busy places.

Coming out of the Fridays, record numbers, reaching the transition, call the company, coming on the other side of Downtown is the price falls and a half to two times, in whatever way you can not call a taxi. The farther away from the popular site, the cheaper the fare. Want to save - go a hundred meters on foot.

The second method - this movement is not a taxi driver from last to first in the queue, and vice versa. The first tells you the price for which he will go to you in your mind takes off 30% and going on the last in line, who had just returned to work and was on the point.

In any case, the cheapest fare will still be the case if you go through the company by calling a taxi service or go to alternative transportation.

Author: Sergey Kolesnichenko

How to ride a taxi

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