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The cheapest taxi Kyiv, an independent review on July 1, 2009

Currently taxi - an integral part of life in any metropolis, and sometimes even more important detail of his personal image (eg, the London cabs).
It's not a secret that has now been out of fashion "to spend the money to the wind" - to replace the era of consumption, it's time a healthy economy and rational allocation of available resources. We hope the information our web site ( will allow you to significantly save time and money. After comparing prices and features of different companies fleet of Kyiv will allow you to easily choose the best option!

We bring you the results of an independent analysis by the customer support site

As of June 1, 2009 the services of Kiev and visitors 86 runs taxi services in Kyiv.
As the results of the study, the minimum fare of travel in a taxi in  Kyiv  declined by 10%. Thus, the minimum fare ranges from 16 to 32 hryvnia, depending on your chosen service.
Pricing policy of taxi services in the capital during the crisis undergone some changes since sunk into the summer fashion trend of previous periods - permanently raise the price of admission. The survey showed recently (December 2008 - May 2009) 
48% of the taxi services of the capital - have not changed their rates;
46% of Kyiv taxis - have reduced their tariffs;
and only 5% of taxis in Kiev have raised rates.

If we evaluate the business proposals of Kyiv taxi, it should be noted that the cost of the minimum rate is currently at:

2.3% of the taxi fare is included only 1 km (eg, cheetah, Figaro, etc.)
19% of taxi services - 3 km (eg, FORUM-taxi, taxi Astra, Alfa taxis, etc.)
22% of the taxi - 4 km (for example, taxi Avenue, Grand Taxi, Taxi Million, etc.)
13% - 5 km (eg, Avalon Taxi, Viva-taxi, Taxi Blues, etc.)
8% - 6 km (eg, Pan Car Taxi, Taxis, "CREW" taxis, etc.)
2.3% - 7 km (eg, Nazari Taxis, Your taxi, etc.)
1.16% - 12 km (eg, Absolut taxis, etc.)
Significantly, the price changes did not affect the value of-town trips.
Rates for travel outside the city have not changed, however, revealing that 3% of the capital's taxi services, these rates have decreased by 35-45%.
Remains stable value of machine downtime when called (this value was reduced from 3% of the taxi).

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The cheapest taxi Kyiv, an independent review on July 1, 2009

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