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Employees site noticed that the majority of taxi services referred to about the same minimum fare. But does this mean that the cost of travel on your route will be the same in the different services? Read more > > >
Cheap taxis of Kiev, review of minimum tariffs, August, 2012
We offer to your attention the independent review of minimum tariffs of taxi, geared-up in August, 2012. In a review 11 services participate taxis, chosen in a casual order. Read more > > >
How to ride a taxi
So, you have to go, quickly go ... You have no rights, no car, but still need to go. The solution? - Taxi! To put it mildly, somewhat expensive solution for most types of travel. Frankly, I've never ridden in a taxi and do not regret the money spent, so I'll show you how to protect their money. Read more > > >
Site for mobile
For comfort - it is possible to visit our web-site from mobile phone and order a taxi! You can hear actual information about the Kyiv servings as a taxi straight from the mobile telephone, in any place. Read more > > >
The cheapest taxi Kyiv, an independent review on July 1, 2009
We hope the information our site will allow you to significantly save time and money. After comparing prices and features of different companies fleet Kyiv will allow you to easily choose the best option!  Read more > > >

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