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Taxi in Kiev

Taxi Telephones Сomment
Avangard Taxi
348 callback

Online order:
details about the Avangard Taxi

Aurora taxi
(044) 227-10-00
(097) 041-25-20
(095) 275-00-47
(063) 487-88-20
Online orders for the iPhone and Android:
details about the Aurora taxi
7272 (FREE mobile)
(044) 221-72-72
(063) 063-72-72
(067) 642-72-72
details about the Zevs
Taxi 239
239 - mobile call free
(044) 360-9-370 - (callback)
10% discount on code 3030
details about the Taxi 239
Chanson Taxi
(044) 590-59-59
(067) 590-59-59
(093) 590-59-59
(050) 590-59-59
details about the Chanson Taxi
TOP Taxi
(044) 599-79-79
(097) 579-79-79
(099) 449-79-79
(093) 545-79-79
details about the TOP Taxi

The catalog provides information on all taxi services in Kiev with contact phone numbers, worth a minimum taxi fare to travel to Kiev, the rates for mileage on both city and country trips. On each page of a taxi contains detailed information about the basic and additional services, such as taxi premium, vans and minivans, meeting at the airport, railway stations, bus stations, service driver, courier, car babysitting.

Today in Kyiv has 242 taxi services.

Only on you find the most useful information about all the services of a taxi in Kiev. Web site support are constantly monitoring all services and taxi fares.

Taxi, taxi in Kyiv

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